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Savage Outback & Nomad from SportairUSA, LC

Savage Outback

180hp Savage Outback

The powerful Savage Outback, featuring category-leading power-to-weight ratio (4.7lbs/hp) and remarkable STOL performance (2100fpm climb), is now available in the USA...

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Savage Nomad

Savage Nomad

Runway Optional + In-Flight Weather Available. The Savage Nomad is light, tough and powerful delivering 515 lbs of useful load along with short take-offs and landings in an...

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Savage Bobber

Savage Bobber

The new Savage Bobber is born from Zlin Aviation's many years experience in the construction of the Savage airplanes. In its continued commitment to innovation, Zlin Aviation has...

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Cruiser & Classic

Cruiser & Classic

Think of the Classic as Taildragger 101, or put on your spats and fly the Cruiser in style. Add floats or skis to either one.

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News: January 16, 2015

Name This Plane Contest Winners!

Meet the Savage Outback!

Meet the Savage Outback!

Formerly known as the Savage Cub-S, this 180hp, category-leading, light sport aircraft (LSA) for on-and-off-runway operation will now be known as the Savage Outback. And it’s Rotax-powered sibling, the Savage Cub, will now be known as the Savage Nomad.

SportairUSA, LC, the U.S. distributor of Savage Outback, Nomad, Cruiser and Classic and Bobber aircraft, announced the winners of a contest to rename the two airplanes at the 2015 U. S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring Florida.

“We originally called them Cub and Cub-S, because they are ‘cub-alike’ airplanes. They were inspired by Piper’s iconic Cub and Super Cub, fulfilling the same mission, but with the benefit of modern materials, technology and equipment.

“Renaming was a risk but we’ve been delighted by the reception here at Sebring for the Outback and Nomad, and we feel that these names do an even better job of reflecting the personality of our aircraft.

“We are grateful to the many, many thoughtful people who entered the contest and suggested some great names. We are especially thankful to the three individuals who submitted the winning entries.”

The winners, announced at the air show, are:

1st Prize: Antonio Speed of Titusville, Florida: iPad Air with Foreflight Mobile.

2nd Prize:  David Bardwell of Brunswick, Ohio: iPad Mini with Foreflight Mobile.

3rd Prize: Rafael Cortes of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: choice of Foreflight Mobile or cash equivalent.

The Savage Outback

The Savage Outback is a callback to the original Piper Super Cub, but it’s a new build, with modern engineering design and technology. And like the original Pipers, the Outback is priced right and built to last.

The Outback is a light sport aircraft with moxie.

•180 hp Titan Stroker engine

•4.74 lb/hp

•Alaskan Bushwheels & extended landing gear

•60-foot takeoff roll

•112 mph cruise

The Savage Nomad

Developed from experience with earlier Savage aircraft, the Rota-powered Savage Nomad is a runway optional light sport aircraft that you can fly with remarkable confidence and economy.

For More Information About the Savage Outback and Nomad visit the Web site at